Weekly Wrap 23/5

In a week where a randy Frenchman was the biggest news we should really start off with the new upcoming IMF advertising campaign.

One for the ” that’s a bit odd” file….. Simon Baile the previous owner of failed U.K. stores, Oddbins, which sadly closed their doors for the last time a couple of weeks ago, has decided to buy back five of his old stores from the administrator, Deloitte.

A move which will certainly please all those staff members of Oddbins he well and truly shafted…..a bit on the nose I reckon…..some details here and some great comments on the story over at Jims Loire Blog.

£17.5 million of debt and 700 jobs lost and lives buggered up and he’s back into it?….what a knobend!

When contacted by Vinofreakism Mr Baile made the following comment.

Thank you Simon Baile.....you wanker....

Thank you Simon Baile.....you wanker....

And those crazy Bordelais are at it again!…..fresh from receiving their flash new 2010 En Primeur Campaign Calculators as revealed in last weeks Weekly Wrap….. this week they have revealed plans to drill through the core of the earth and build a tunnel all the way to China to speed up the shipments of Classified Growths to their new best mates…..all the details here.

Well done Bordelais…..High Five!

And the song of the week!

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