2010 Tout ‘En Bulle de Gramenon

2010 Tout 'En Bulle de Gramenon

2010 Tout 'En Bulle de Gramenon

This stuff just rocks….I reckon if someone was to shove a glass of this under my nose and ask me what it was, I’d probably think it was a cider…it’s bursting with fresh, pure appley goodness….but no….it’s a sparkling wine made from 100% Clairette by the fine folks at Gramenon.

Clairette is a white grape grown throughout Provence, Languedoc and the Rhone….it is quite an oxidative variety so it’s most often blended with a high acid partner to bring it up to speed. It’s one of the 13 permitted varieties in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and plays a bit part (25% maximum) in the sparkling wines of the Rhones, Clairette de Die AOC.

Domaine Gramenon are famed for their table wines from ancient vines….farmed organically and biodynamically with little intervention throughout the wine-making process. Yes….the wine-making process. I’m not to sure of the details here but from what I can gather some must is added to the wine to kick off the secondary fermentation?….I’m happy to be corrected here if anyone has more information.

Pale straw in hue with a slightly coarse, energetic bead the wines aromas are pure, vinous and vital. There are smells with a cidery complexion….crisp, crunchy green apple along with citrus fruits in the shape of grapefruit and lemon. There are hints of soft spice, vanilla bean, bread dough, almond paste and white flowers in the mix also along with a light sprif of cool mint. Quite delicate and fragrant smelling with deliciously pure aromas.

That purity and fragrance carries over onto the palate which shows an energetic pace across the palate with a lovely spritz and crisp acidity driving it on. Fruit flavours of apple cider, grapefruit, lime and lemon…fresh as you like, flow through to a mid-palate showing hints of soft baking spices, apple pastries, white flowers, fresh toast, vanillin and tarte tatin.

There’s richness on the palate but it’s given a lift by a crisp line of acidity, finishing balanced, moreish and sustained with a lovely lingering cider-like vapour trail. At 10% alcohol I could drink this stuff until the cows come home…..and I don’t own any cows so that’s a long time.

Price: $35 – Closure: Cork – Alcohol: 10% – Source: Dinner Guest – Importer: Andrew Guard Wine Imports

Straight shootin appley goodness

Straight shootin appley goodness

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One Response to “2010 Tout ‘En Bulle de Gramenon”

  1. Fraser McKinley
    October 27, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    YLFT’EBB! – we need this bubbly beauty en Magnum; surely that’ll help with the very optimistic cow-waiting-patiently-homecoming part,…

    I can’t believe there’s a whole summer coming up and we’re going in sans Tout ‘en Boulle – I feel like the poor apple headed bloke above (without the lime business shirt of course)…